15 May 2018

On Thursday, April 27, 2018, Pacific Coast Tacos (PCT) participated in the 7th Annual Two Saints and a Taco Tasting presented by The University of St. Thomas Alumni Association. This event raised almost $90,000 for student scholarships and Pacific Coast Tacos was the 2018 Judges Choice Award Winner!

This is the first time a contestant has won their first year of participation. So, what was this incredible taco that wowed the judges? It was the Korean Beef taco of course. This taco is consistently a top seller at the restaurant with fresh Korean style marinated and cooked beef topped with fresh vegetables, a savory sweet sriracha sauce and wrapped in a jicama tortilla.

If you are unfamiliar with jicama, it is a crispy, but flexible and moist vegetable that maintains its structure when sliced thinly and folded. It’s the perfectly fresh compliment to the Korean Beef taco ingredients.

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